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There are no bad questions, but below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us by email, phone, or our information request form.

  • What does HQL stand for?
    HQL stands for Handgun Qualification License. In the state of Maryland it has been required since October of 2013 that all individuals wishing to purchase a “regulated firearm” (pistol/handgun) within this state be holders of a valid HQL license.
  • Do you need an HQL to purchase a rifle or shotgun
    No, you do not need to have an HQL in place within the state to purchase a rifle or shotgun. They are not considered “regulated firearms”
  • Who is restricted from getting an HQL?
    If you have been convicted of a felony, have been committed to a psychiatric ward, have been convicted of any domestic violence charges along with a list of other items you will be disqualified from obtaining your HQL. Please consult your lawyer along with reviewing the following link:
  • How long is the HQL class?
    According to State requirements the HQL class must be a minimum of 4 hours and include a “live fire” portion of the coursework. Meaning that you need to fire at least 1 live round. At GRAB we require that you shoot 20 rounds from a low caliber handgun specifically for beginners. This allows you to shoot a “manageable” gun with less recoil.
  • How long is the CCW/Wear and Carry class?
    This is a 16-hour class that we teach over a 2-day period. Generally, we do the classroom instruction and testing on day 1 and then the shooting qualifications on day 2. The state of Maryland requires that you shoot 25 rounds on a target from varying distances 3, 5, 7, and 15 yards.
  • How long is the Basic Rifle Class?
    The basic rifle class we offer is a 9-hour class which includes range time.
  • Can we rent guns with GRAB?
    Yes, clients can rent guns from GRAB while we are at the range. If a gun is required to complete the CCW/Wear & Carry class we will rent you one of our guns for that class. We only rent guns with relation to a class.
  • Are guns provided for HQL and Basic Rifle Classes?
    Yes, we provide both ammunition and firearms for each of these classes. We also allow clients participating in the basic rifle class to bring and utilize their own rifle. If you choose to bring your own rifle, please bring 50 rounds of ammunition.
  • Do I need to bring eye and ear protection for the shooting portion of the class?
    We provide both ear and eye protection for all basic level classes. If you are taking a defensive or higher level class, we expect that you would have your own equipment. However, we can provide equipment for those classes as well if necessary.
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend that you wear closed toed shoes (no slides or sandals). Keep in mind that guns generally expel a hot casing that will be hot to the skin. These casings fly all over the place sometimes and end up in places you may not want them to be. No low cut shirts.
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